Follow The Money

Try to keep your financial life as simple as possible so it is easy to understand how you are spending and saving. I suggest you have no more than two different bank accounts and credit cards.

Bank Accounts
I have had a Credit Union account from my post grad days that I have used for over 30 years to pay recurring bills such as 529 plans, disability and life insurance. I have enough money sent to it from my paycheck via automatic deposit to cover it with a little extra so I have some money to cover one time annual bills like a vacation or Christmas shopping. Credit Unions tend to pay higher interest but it may be easier to use the same bank for both accounts so you can move money easily between them if needed. I have another bank account to receive the rest of my paycheck (and my wife’s) to use for day to day bills.

Credit Cards
Get a good credit card that gives you points for airline or hotels. I prefer Capital One. Charge as much as you can on this credit card so you earn points. Set it up to be paid automatically from your primary bank account in full each month. You really don’t need another credit card since you should have an ATM/credit card tied to your bank account anyway to use in case you have trouble with the other one.

Setting things up this way makes it very easy to “follow the money” and understand if you are spending more than you are making.


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