Rising Together

    When you find balance and meet life goals, the benefits ripple out. We love to see it happen, which is why we position ourselves as connectors. Together, let’s leverage our experience, networks, and communities as we pursue a vision of bringing everyone up together.

    Dedicated & Dependable

    Supporting Our Community

    In the spirit of our vision and in honor of our father, grandfather, and founder Tony DiMatteo, we run the DiMatteo Family Charitable Foundation. So far, we’ve raised more than $549,000 for local and national organizations, including Homes for the Brave Female Soldiers/Forgotten Heroes, Spooner House, St. Vincent’s Swim Across the Sound, The Kennedy Center, Valley Community Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Lower Naugatuck Valley, and Adam's House. We’d love to get you involved and to know what you’re supporting.

    Our Broker/Dealer

    We are proud to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer that helps independent advisors like us serve their clients. Commonwealth manages total account assets of $242.9 billion as of December 31, 2022.

    Independent, just like us.

    Commonwealth is independently owned and managed, which means the firm can act in the best interests of its financial advisors and their clients—not shareholders. Our partnership with Commonwealth supports our commitment to remain free to act in your best interest, without any pressure to promote proprietary products or strategies.

    How Commonwealth helps us help you

    J.D. Power ranks Commonwealth “#1 in Independent Advisor Satisfaction Among Financial Investment Firms, Ten Times in a Row.” But it's what that achievement means for our clients—on a daily basis—that makes the difference.