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    Financial Planning

    Where you’re at, where you see yourself in the future, and how you’ll connect the dots: financial planning is a lifelong process that helps you meet your immediate and long-term financial needs.

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    Get a Clear Picture

    We start with a thorough assessment of your current financial standing to get a holistic picture.

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    Set Goals

    Define your short- and long-term goals.

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    Connect the Dots

    Make a plan that connects where you are to where you want to be.

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    When your plans shift or priorities change, we’ll help you update your plan.

    Retirement Planning

    Make an informed plan that guides you to your ideal retirement lifestyle. Because your retirement years can span decades, retirement planning is generally a top priority.

    A successful plan put into place during the wealth-building life span should address ways to maximize growth and tax-efficient distributions, as well as how to leave retirement assets to the next generation.

    Wealth Planning

    This is the big-picture take on your finances. The goals of wealth management are to grow and protect your wealth. While the scope of this work is vast, we’ll help you limit it to what’s relevant for you.

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    As one of the key ways you can grow your wealth, your investments deserve proper management. We’ll identify a risk level you’re comfortable with and build your portfolio accordingly.

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    Risk Management

    As your wealth grows, protect it. Your first line of defense is to identify your sources of risk and then to either avoid or minimize the major exposures. Your last line of defense is insurance.

    Tax Planning

    Tax planning considers the tax implications of individual, investment, or business decisions. One major goal of tax planning is minimizing federal income tax liability. Investment tax planning involves evaluating how to best position assets in order to minimize the amount of taxes you have to pay on an ongoing basis.

    Although decisions are rarely made solely on their tax impact, you should have a working knowledge of the income or estate tax issues and costs involved.

    College Planning

    Our team is familiar with a range of college savings strategies, including investment vehicles that can reduce or eliminate taxation on the education savings. Some are very flexible and some are structured specifically for education expenses, so we’ll help you identify which best fit your needs. We also help you prioritize as you balance college expenses with impending retirement plans.

    As higher education grows more costly, it’s more important than ever to make saving for your kids’ college part of your financial plan.

    Corporate Retirement Plans

    A common component of employee benefit programs, corporate retirement plans can help you support your employees in a way that’s also strategic for your business. We can help you evaluate which plan type will work for you, your employees, and your business. Once we select a plan, we’ll be your partner in its implementation and management. draft policy statements, and help out with day-to-day management, so you can stay focused.

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    Employee Education

    We offer support and education for your employees, helping them understand their retirement plan and how it fits in their bigger picture.

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    Day-to-Day Management

    Tap our team to take over day-to-day plan management, so you can stay focused on doing your job.

    Pooled Plans  

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    We understand that running your business comes first. Pooled plans work to lower your costs and reduce your liability to the plan by delegating the majority of your responsibilities as the plan sponsor, allowing you to spend less time worrying about the everyday management of your plan.

    Learn the benefits of a pooled plan today.      ​Contact Us​