Elevating Your Business with Tailored Retirement Solutions

    In the vast landscape of retirement plan providers, choosing the right partner to oversee your company's retirement plan is a pivotal decision. At Target Retirement Solutions, we understand the gravity of this choice. While numerous startups promise pooled plans, many lack the necessary experience in plan administration. With more than 25 years of experience in the pooled plan space, our trusted partners offer thoughtfully vetted options, providing you with the assurance you need.

    Unlock the Benefits of Our Pooled Plan Services

    Mitigate Risk

    Traditional 401(k) plans carry compliance and fiduciary risks that can burden both your company and its stakeholders. However, Target Retirement Solutions leverages strategic outsourcing to minimize these risks to the highest extent permitted by law, safeguarding your interests.

    Streamline Administration

    We understand that your primary focus is running your business. That's why we help you find the ideal partner to alleviate over 90% of your administrative responsibilities associated with offering a 401(k) plan. By doing so, we free up your valuable time, enabling you to dedicate more attention to what matters most—your business.

    Optimize Cost Efficiency

    Pooling together hundreds of retirement plans from various companies enables us to achieve economies of scale. This scalability allows Target Retirement Solutions to offer you a cost-effective solution, even while providing expanded services.

    Guiding Business Owners to Success

    As a business owner, we recognize that your time is precious, and the complexities of the retirement landscape can be overwhelming. Our mission is to help you navigate industry changes and leverage new legislation to establish a 401(k) plan with minimal liability for you as the business owner. We will work closely with you to design a plan that maximizes benefits for both you and your employees while alleviating the majority of traditional plan responsibilities from your plate.

    Benefits for Business Owners and Associations

    • Reduced fiduciary liability
    • Administrative outsourcing
    • Economies of scale pricing
    • Retirement tools and resources for participants
    • Attract new members
    • Retain existing members

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    Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed about the latest news, legislative updates, and market performance within the retirement industry.

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